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Few words to our parents

Parents/guardians should co-operate with the school so that the mutual endeavour benefits in the total progress of the child. In this connection,the following points may be noted.

  • In case your child is travelling by your own transport, please ensure that he/she reaches school in time but not earlier than 10 minutes to the first bell and leaves for home immediately after the last bell.
  • Please make sure that the child comes to school in proper school uniform.
  • If it becomes necessary for you to take the child home during the school hours, you may do so with the permission of the Head Teacher. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to leave the school premises without a written request from you.
  • The school will be sending notes, circulars etc. through the students from time to time, which may please be attended to.
  • Please go through the Progress Reports issued periodically and take suitable steps.
  • Please do attend the Parent Teacher Meeting regularly. You are most welcome to meet the teachers during the recess hours/free periods with the prior permission of the Head Teacher.
  • Please ensure that the child is regular in doing the homework/assignments etc. and devotes adequate time and attention to studies at home.
  • Please inform the school whenever there is change in the address/ telephone number.
  • Please pay the school fees and other dues on schedule.
  • Students will not be allowed to meet the parents or visitors during the class hours without the permission of the Head Teacher.