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Headmistress’s Message

According to my experience as teacher, the concept of ‘a good school’ must be understood from the students’ perspective. If students in general linger on in the school premises even after school hours, feel free and fearless with teachers as well as their parents, feel urged to attend classes daily, look forward to the re-opening day of the school after summer vacation in order to rush to school to meet and chat with their friends and teachers, then this school must be not just a good school but a ‘The very best school’ for their child. Olive English School recognizes the potential in every student and enables the possibility of his unique abilities. At Olive English School, we embrace a rigorous learning environment driven by a relevant curriculum of study and fostered through relationships with the very best teachers and mentors. We are fundamentally committed to providing care, empowerment, clear boundaries and high expectations, and effective ways for boys to use their time well. In addition, we seek to develop students’ commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and personal identity. Our teachers and staff are part of a long and rich tradition in which energy, enthusiasm, and engagement complement the challenges and complexities of students’ growth and development. They are deeply committed to modelling the School’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion through every interaction.
I am grateful to members of managing committee, the PTA executive committee members, all the parents (past and present) and well-wishers, for your support and encouragement. You have stood by us in sun and shower and proved to be a great pillar of strength in our need. Thank you, God bless you all.

Mrs. Alice George