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Olive English School was established in 1986 under the Kinassery Orphanage, a long experienced charity institution in Kerala. The school was formally named as Kinassery Yatheemkhana School. No one thought that a school with a humble beginning would turn out to be a mighty one as it is today. Olive always remembers its forefathers’ selfless dedication for its esteemed institution. By the grace of Almighty we believe that we survived the stage of cocoon a butterfly goes through before it transform into a magnificent creature. Olive \english school focuses on escellent and dynamic growth of new generation through modern technology. That is why we design each academic year with vivid and comprehensive academic and extracurricular programs. Olive team constantly tries to spread the real fragrance of knowledge. We are very happy to disclose the outstanding performance of our students especially in the sub district and districts fests. This is the reflection of olive team’s hard work and unity of parents and teachers. We would like to emphasize on both parents and teachers sincere involvement to teach etiquettes to our children by words and actions. This will surely shape the child as better person. Yes, we are dreaming a bright future for our little buds and also better tomorrow for the society. Now Mrs Alice George,the Headmistress of Olive English School, spearheads the educational movement of school.